Committee on the Status of Representation and Diversity


A reformation of the Diversity committee originally established in 1998, the Committee on the Status of Representation and Diversity was tasked by the 2011 Governing Council to focus on underrepresented groups within ISA. The Committee aims to work jointly with other groups and caucuses to promote the diversity enterprise of the ISA as a whole. This includes sponsoring and hosting conference events and panel with ISA groups and caucuses.

About the Committee

The Committee on the Status of Diversity and Representation is a permanent standing committee of ISA. Committee members are appointed by the ISA President and approved by the ISA Governing Council.

Membership and Terms

  • Seven committee members serve three-year, staggered terms
  • Committee member terms officially begin with the start of the ISA Annual Convention meeting of the first year listed and end with the closing of the ISA Governing Council meeting of the final year listed
  • The ISA Executive Director serves as an ex-officio member


ISA is committed to ensuring welcoming and hospitable spaces for every member of our diverse community. Visit our new Resources page for information on ISA activities supporting wider participation and representation

Below we have included a list of a few resources and we are continuing to collect more. If there are any you would like to add, please let us know.

  1. PBS NewsHour: How unintentional but insidious bias can be the most harmful
  2. Harvard: Project Implicit - Implicit Association Test
  3. Social Change Lab: What is Privilege and How Does it Affect Us Psychologically?
  4. Derald Wing Sue - Implicit Bias and Microaggressions: the Macro Impact of Small Acts
  5. ISSS Section: Statement on Diversity and Inclusion