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Thank you for your gift to ISA. By donating to ISA you are pledging support for growth and diversity in the discipline. The funds below have been targeted as greatest need, however, you are welcome to designate how you would like your contribution to be used.

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Ways to Make an Impact

Travel Grants

ISA uses the proceeds from our membership and conference registration fees to fund travel grants, however the need for funding far outweighs the available dollars. Your donation will enable students and scholars from across the globe the opportunity to participate in the ISA Annual Convention and other international conferences held throughout the year.

ISA Mentorship Programs

ISA has at its core the belief that we can all learn from one another. Your donation to ISA Mentorship Programs will help facilitate the coming together of students, early-career scholars and senior scholars to learn from one another in more unconstrained settings and foster the capacity for long standing relationships. A few of these programs include, Pay It Forward, Junior Career Scholar Symposium, Pedagogy conferences, etc.

Global South Initiatives

ISA is dedicated to serving scholars from the Global South. Your donation will help us expand opportunities and enhance programming in support of these members.

ISA General Operations

By contributing to the ISA General Operations fund, you are helping to build the infrastructure necessary to support the many diverse ISA events and programs. Your unrestricted gift enables ISA to address the needs of the organization with maximum flexibility.

Virtual Programming

Your donation enables ISA to attract and feature a wide array of guest speakers and instructors as well as helping to make our existing and future programming more accessible through professional captioning services.

Other Pledge?

If you are interested in helping fund an initiative not listed, please specify your preference in your donation. If you would like to discuss a specific initiative, please contact our Director of Operations, Jennifer Fontanella, at or via phone at 860.486.0338.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss ways you can help, please contact our Director of Operations, Jennifer Fontanella, at or via phone at 860.486.0338.

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