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The mission of ISA is to advance the discipline of International Studies and to build knowledge communities across global divides.

ISA logoAt the forefront of academic advancement, ISA is the leading association of global scholars, practitioners, and experts covering the most pressing challenges facing international affairs. Our inclusive and welcoming community of +7,000 academics, experts, students, practitioners, and global affairs enthusiasts share a passion for international studies.

Your membership with ISA helps to support the activities of the organization and the advancement of scholarly work in areas of international studies, while providing you with a range of services and opportunities - including access to eight premier journals, special access to United Nations opportunities, professional networking at ISA events, and more.


ISA membership rates are based on professional status and appointment (i.e., student, institutional location, faculty, retired, etc.), so that ISA may support its community of members at all stages of their careers.

ISA Membership Benefits

ISA membership means you will connect with an international network of over 7,000 academics and professionals in global affairs. It means your voice will be heard in the field of international studies. It means you can read and publish your work in ISA journals, get recognition for your intellectual and teaching contributions, and join over 40 subject-specific Sections, Committees, and Caucuses. ISA membership means career advancement, leadership, professional development, and research collaboration through a variety of grant and professional programs. It also means virtual trainings and partnership opportunities with ISA members, other institutions and organizations, including the United Nations.

ISA membership provides you with a range of services and opportunities, including access to eight premier journals, professional networking at ISA events, special access to United Nations opportunities, and more. Explore (and access!) the list of benefits in full by clicking the headings below.




9 High-impact Journals & Publications

Rapid change worldwide is driving advances in international studies research. ISA’s longstanding commitment to interdisciplinary research and intellectual pluralism enables scholars to use multiple lenses to address the complexity of today’s global problems and seeks to support scholars and regions often underrepresented in academic research.

ISA proudly publishes eight leading peer-reviewed journals that provide a window into current research trends in international affairs, while furthering scholarly dialogue to shape international affairs knowledge, policy, and practice. ISA has also partnered with Oxford University Press to publish the Encyclopedia of International Studies (OREIS), a critical teaching and learning resource for all levels of inquiry in international affairs.

Foreign Policy Analysis (FPA)
Global Studies Quarterly (GSQ)
International Interactions (II)
International Political Sociology (IPS)
International Studies Perspectives (ISP)
International Studies Quarterly (ISQ)
International Studies Review (ISR)
Journal of Global Security Studies (JoGSS)
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of International Studies

ISA members recieve online access to all nine ISA publications, both current issues and our extensive catalog of past issues and articles.


Exclusive access to the ISA Job Board

ISA logo on a blue field

Updated daily, the ISA Job Board lists employment positions from around the world and throughout the International Studies community. Search, review, and find your next great opportunity!

More About the ISA Job Board:

► An average of 200 job ads are submitted to ISA each year to share with ISA members
► Over 800 employers post with ISA
► An average of 40+ open positions listed at any given time
► One of our most popular benefits, with over 35,000 page views per year


Direct Access to U.N. Partnership Opportunities

ISA's UN-NGO Representative is happy to facilitate requests for temporary passes and conference pre-registration for ISA members, as well as to work with those who have serious need to attend conference series where the ISA is not yet accredited.

The International Studies Association holds Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations, and is also affiliated with the Department of Public Information (DPI). Since about 2015, ISA has developed a series of recurrent scholarly collaborations with UN Academic Impact (UNAI). These collaborations have included events in both New York and Geneva. In addition, ISA's UN-NGO representatives have participated in and facilitated access for ISA members to the UN's global conferences, and New York conferences, including conferences on sustainable development, gender, development finance, the rights of the child, small arms trafficking.

Any ISA member in good standing may request (a) a temporary grounds pass for a specified range of dates, which allows access to the UN grounds in New York, Geneva, or Vienna (subject to certain limitations); or (b) registration to attend a variety of ECOSOC-sponsored and DPI conferences and summits.

More about the ISA-UN Partnership and Opportunities


Fellowships, grants, and competitive funding

ISA supports excellence in research and research collaboration, offering an unparalleled network of scholars and practitioners with whom to share research and to build new research initiatives. ISA also supports professional development initiatives to enable ISA members to seek extramural support and funding for their own research, engage in trainings in research methods and research design, and develop new research programs in collaboration with other scholars and external sponsors.

A few of our funding programs include:

Research Workshop Grant Program
Dissertation Completion Fellowship
Travel Grant Funding
ISA Awards Program


Member savings and discounts on ISA events registration

Each year, ISA hosts or cosponsors more than 40 events, conferences, and meetings, including the major Annual Convention for International Studies with over 6,000 attendees. Other ISA international conferences are regularly hosted in around the globe. In doing so, ISA offers an unprecedented forum for academics and professionals in international affairs to connect, collaborate, share research, and learn together. Beyond traditional conferences, ISA is increasingly developing forums online for members to engage, dialogue, and connect worldwide.

ISA members enjoy exclusive access and/or discounted registration rates (ranging from 30 to 85% off) to ISA hosted/co-hosted conferences and events.

ISA Annual Convention: For 64 years, ISA has convened the seminal event in international studies, the ISA Annual Convention, where more than 1,200 panels and roundtables are regularly included, with scholars and experts offering research contributions covering a vast array of research topics and methodologies in international studies.
ISA Conferences: ISA’s conferences provide face-to-face networking and learning opportunities for international relations scholars and professionals, hosted by ISA's regions, sections, and caucuses. These events offer ISA members the ability to create regional networks with colleagues from colleges and universities in their areas, while engaging in discussions of cutting-edge international affairs research topics.
Virtual Engagement: ISA offers a wide range of virtual professional development, networking, and career advancement events. These include, but are not limited to, trainings on research, publishing, and careers, discussions on current events, and interactive teaching simulations. Attendees have the opportunity to connect and network with each other and panelists from all over the world.


Career and professional development resources

Career and Professional Development Resources ISA offers a wide range of career and professional development resources for students, early career scholars, and professionals who are researching and working in International Studies, from within and beyond the Academy.

Resources include:

Professional Resource Center (with expanded content on Teaching, Publishing, and Careers)
Exclusive access to the ISA Job Board for a list of open positions across the globe
The ISA Podcast Network
► ISA's YouTube Channel and Library of Past Virtual Events
► Applied policy impact opportunities with fellow ISA experts and partner organizations, like the U.N.
► Diversity, equity, inclusion, and disability access training and programming

Additionally, we are pleased to announce the ISA Research Cooperative, a virtual initiative designed to facilitate a structured opportunity for senior scholars to engage with and learn from junior scholars and vice versa.


Networking and research collaboration opportunities through ISA’s Regions, Sections, and Caucuses

ISA advances the professional interests of experts in international studies. ISA joins together many different subfields, intellectual traditions, cross-cultural perspective, and methodologies that make up the broad field of international studies. By Joining ISA Sections, Caucuses, Regions, and Committees, every ISA member has a chance to customize their professional network and community to suit their research and teaching needs.

This global network includes 7 geographic regions: ISA Asia-Pacific, ISA Canada, ISA Latin America and the Caribbean, ISA Midwest, ISA Northeast, ISA South, and ISA West. ISA has also grown its disciplinary subfields, comprising 30 Sections, ranging from international security, foreign policy analysis, feminist theory and gender studies, to global health and human rights. ISA also includes four Caucuses, charged with advocacy for Women, the Global South, and LGBTQA scholars, among others.

ISA Sections
ISA Regions
ISA Caucuses

ISA groups host a variety of networking and collaboration activities throughout the year for their members, including receptions and business meetings and the Annual Convention, smaller conferences around the world, listserves and blogs, virtual events, and more. Check out the specific ISA Section/Region/Caucus web pages to learn more about their activities and connect with their leadership.

In addition to ISA's own groups, ISA maintains agreements with over 75 partner associations and organizations dedicated to international affairs—both national and international—to help facilitate research collaboration and strengthen cultural exchange. ISA partners span the globe and include professional associations in Chile, France, Canada, Israel, China, Eastern European, Britain, Brazil, Germany, Turkey, India, Kazakhstan, Japan, and elsewhere, providing ISA members with ever-expanding access to events and networks around the globe.

Learn more about ISA's Partner Organizations



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DailyChatter Newsletter Access

ISA has partnered with DailyChatter to make their newsletter a free benefit for ISA members. Subscribe to receive the largest independent newsletter devoted exclusively to global affairs. Published via email every weekday of the year, this smart, succinct newsletter is sourced from a wide variety of news outlets from around the world and was founded on the principles of independence and non-partisanship.

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ISA has partnered with DailyChatter to make their newsletter a free benefit for ISA members. Members can subscribe to receive, via email every weekday, the largest independent newsletter devoted exclusively to global affairs.


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