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ISA-DailyChatter Partnership


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ISA has partnered with DailyChatter to make their newsletter a free benefit for ISA members!


Subscribe here to receive the largest independent newsletter devoted exclusively to global affairs. Published via email every weekday of the year, this smart, succinct newsletter is sourced from a wide variety of news outlets from around the world and was founded on the principles of independence and non-partisanship. DailyChatter’s editorial mandate is truly global – reporting on more than 150 countries each year – and is written in a distinctive, reader-friendly style with beautifully designed maps to orient each article.



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DailyChatter is an international daily newsletter whose mission is to help people know the world better. The only U.S.-based newsletter dedicated exclusively to world news, DailyChatter is a privately owned company headquartered in Boston. For more information, please check out DailyChatter's webpage.