Global International Relations Section (GIRS)

Welcome to GIRS

The Global International Relations Section (GIRS) is the newest section of the ISA, approved by the Governing Council in March of 2022. Nearly 8% of the total membership of the ISA – 536 ISA members from 54 different countries – signed the petition to create the new section.

The goals of GIRS are to facilitate genuinely global conversations about contemporary global issues and challenges, about different conceptual approaches and interpretations, and about how we teach our subject. We want to encourage conversations that are resonant with, non-alienating, or at least comprehensible to the lived experiences of individuals from different parts of the world. 

Global IR is a way of thinking that stresses a self-conscious reflection on the world from different vantage points. It celebrates diversity and proceeds from the assumption that the non-judgmental interplay of the differences of perspectives constitutes the creative potential of our subject. It also promotes a recognition that knowledge produced everywhere, including outside the “West,” is critical in order to understand our complex world. 

The Section encourages not just geographical diversity, but theoretical, conceptual, and methodological diversity. GIRS encourages scholarly interchange across numerous disciplines, different vantage points, and varying historical experiences. The Section encourages research collaboration and communication with scholars throughout the world. 
To achieve these goals the section organizes panels that are global in composition in order to promote conversational spaces at the ISA that are inclusionary, multi-perspectivist, and include knowledge produced globally. Our partnerships with other sections and caucuses will draw on our diverse network of signatories to facilitate broader participation in their activities. 

We will use the language of global IR to bring in a new generation of scholars with diverse disciplinary backgrounds, contributing to an expansion of the ISA membership from areas that are traditionally under-represented in the ISA. And we will launch a digital initiative, working in close collaboration with the ISA secretariat, to create a platform for sharing information in a truly global sense – listing open-source materials dispersed across journals in different countries and thus facilitating broader global access to them for IR scholars worldwide.

The Global International Relations Section is our newest section, recently approved by the Governing Council in 2022. If you're interested in joining this section, feel free to join today!


Thomas Biersteker | Section Co-Chair
March 2022 - April 2024
The Graduate Institute, Geneva

Vendulka Kubalkova | Section Co-Chair
March 2022 - April 2024
University of Miami

Navnita C. Behera | Section Program Co-Chair
March 2022 - April 2024
Delhi University

Thomas Tieku | Section Program Co-Chair
March 2022 - April 2024
King's University College at UWO

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