ISA Latin America and the Caribbean

Welcome to ISA Latin America and the Caribbean

ISA/Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) is a regional division of the International Studies Association, and membership in ISA may include membership in ISA/LAC. There is a single membership in both organizations and they possess common objectives, purposes, and conditions.

Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Scope

Central America: Caribbean:
Belize Anguilla
Costa Rica Antigua and Barbuda
El Salvador Aruba
Guatemala Bahamas
Honduras Barbados
Mexico British Virgin Islands
Nicaragua Cayman Islands
Panama Cuba
South America: Dominican Republic
Argentina Grenada
Bolivia Guadeloupe
Brazil Haiti
Chile Jamaica
Colombia Martinique
Ecuador Montserrat
French Giuana Netherlands Antilles Saint Barthelemy
Guyana Saint Kitts & Nevis
Paraguay Saint Lucia
Peru Saint Martin
Suriname Saint Vincent
Uruguay Trinidad & Tobago
Venezuela Turks & Caicos Islands
US Virgin Islands


Cintia Quiliconi | Region President April 2021 - March 2023 FLACSO Ecuador

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