ISA-United Nations Partnership

The International Studies Association is a United Nations ECOSOC-accredited NGO with roster consultative status, and is also associated with the UN/DPI. Any ISA member in good standing may request (a) a temporary grounds pass for a specified range of dates, which allows access to the UN grounds in New York, Geneva, or Vienna (subject to certain limitations); or (b) registration to attend a variety of ECOSOC-sponsored and DPI conferences and summits. These privileges must be used for purposes that are in accordance with the ISA constitution, namely “expanding, disseminating, and applying knowledge of interrelations among nations and peoples.” Our roster status means that ISA members may attend ECOSOC-sponsored meetings, but cannot speak or circulate statements at those meetings.

To Request a Temporary and/or Event Pass

Because of increased attention to security, members who wish such facilitation need to meet strict UN deadlines.

Applicants should first consult the UN NGO website for relevant information about procedures and rules, as well as the calendar specifying pre-registration deadlines for appropriate conferences.

Send your request by email to the UN-NGO Representative. Please include the following:

  • Subject line: “UN Temporary Grounds Pass [or Conference Pre-Registration] Request.” 
  • All contact information (name, address, email, phone, affiliation) 
  • A paragraph which details the need and purpose for the pass/conference attendance (i.e. by briefly summarizing your research project and dissemination plans)
  • An attached CV (or an equivalent biographical statement)
  • Location and date-range for the temporary grounds pass, or the pre-registration deadline for the specific conference you wish to attend
Please note that the ISA does not currently have consultative status at many major non-ECOSOC conferences (for example the series on climate change). If you wish to attend one of these non-ECOSOC conferences where the ISA has not previously sent a representative, the ISA must first apply to become accredited to participate in that conference. This is an arduous process requiring much document gathering and communication by ISA Headquarters, and often must be started a year in advance of the next conference. Advance planning on your part, as well as demonstrating your seriousness of purpose in making the request, is therefore vital. Please note that the ISA cannot provide any funds or travel support for such visits. All travel and participation is at the member’s own expense.

UN-NGO Representative

ISA's UN-NGO Representative is happy to facilitate requests for temporary passes and conference pre-registration for ISA members, as well as to work with those who have serious need to attend conference series where the ISA is not yet accredited.

Nanette Archer Svenson
April 2018 - March 2020
Tulane University