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Career Courses


ISA's Career Course program is designed to provide professional development opportunities for ISA members. Participants are able to learn new skills, methods, and subject matter from experienced instructors, either online or at our Annual Convention. The format of Career Courses differs depending on the topic, the preferences of the Instructor(s), the teaching methodology used, and the goal(s) of the course. The duration of the courses also differs depending on whether the course is taught online or in-person. Online courses range from an hour to four hours in length, while in-person courses last for four hours at the Annual Convention site.

Proposal submission & acceptance (instructors)

Each Spring, a call goes out via the ISA newsletter and social media channels for submission of Career Course proposals. ISA’s Professional Development Committee (PDC) chooses the courses that will be offered virtually and on-site at the Annual Convention.

Instructors may only teach the same course for a maximum of two years in a row. Once a year’s hiatus has passed, the PDC may then choose to offer that course again if the individual resubmits, and bearing in mind post-course survey results.

For virtual courses only

When an individual has been notified that her/his Career Course proposal has been accepted for online instruction, s/he will inform ISA HQ the cap at which they would like the course to be offered.

ISA HQ will provide the Zoom space for the CC and manage registration. Registration will close three days prior to the date of the course and ISA HQ will notify instructors within 48 hours of the course's launch whether or not it must be cancelled.

Online classes must have a minimum of 20 attendees in order to run. If this minimum is not met, the course will be cancelled. In the event of cancellation, the instructor will be paid $75 for preparatory work. In the case of co-instruction, the $75 will split among the instructors. (Please see Instructor Payment below for further information).

Instructor Payment

Career Course instructors are paid according to the following schedule:

  • $75 base pay for preparatory work
  • $100 per hour for instruction (up to a maximum of four hours should the instructor(s) spread the course over several sessions in a virtual setting)
  • In the case of co-instruction, $25 will be added to the payment. E.g. for a 90 minute class, ISA will pay $75 + $150 + $25 = $250 total. The co-instructors will inform ISA HQ how they wish to split the total.

Participation (course attendees)

Career Courses are limited to a small group of participants and registration is upon a first-come, first-served basis upon the payment of a fee. Registration for online courses occurs on a rolling basis throughout the year and is announced via the Association’s monthly newsletter and social media channels. Registration for on-site courses opens at the time of Annual Convention registration.

Should a person be unable to add a Career Course to their ISAnet cart, this means that the course is full. An individual may contact ISA’s Director of Professional Development to be added to the waitlist for that course.

Course fees differ depending on whether the course is offered virtually or in person at the Annual Convention. For virtual Career Courses, the fee is $15 for courses that range from one to two hours. For online courses that last more than two hours (whether one session or spread over a series of sessions), the fee is $25.

Registration for an on-site conference Career Course is $40 and participants must also be registered for the Annual Convention to take part in an on-site course. Please note that Career Course registration is non-refundable. Thus, individuals who have registered for courses that are taking place at the Annual Convention should check their schedule prior to registering for a Career Course to ensure that no panel or other commitments conflict with the timing of the course. ISA Program Chairs cannot make schedule changes to accommodate career course participation.

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