Ad Hoc Committee on Virtual Engagement

This committee is no longer active. The work of the committee ended at our Governing Council meeting held at our 2017 Annual Convention in Baltimore. Information is kept and provided here for historical purposes only. If you have any questions on the work of this committee, please contact ISA headquarters.

The Ad Hoc Committee on Virtual Engagement is charged with exploring the costs and benefits of undertaking an initiative to provide significant new opportunities for virtual engagement through ISA.


The Ad Hoc Committee on Virtual Engagement will conduct background research on the technical capabilities necessary for a broader range of virtual engagement opportunities and the costs of the resources to do so. It will make a recommendation to the Governing Council about infrastructure investments to support virtual engagement and will consider proposing one or more pilot projects that rely on virtual engagement.

About the Committee

The Committee on Virtual Engagement is an ad hoc committee, created by President T.V. Paul at the 2017 Governing Council meeting in Baltimore. Committee members are appointed by the ISA President and approved by the ISA Governing Council.

Membership and Terms

  • The committee members serve an unlimited term while the committee is on an ad hoc basis
  • The committee includes four ex-officio members (President, President-Elect, Past President, Executive Director)

Committee Members

J. Andrew Grant | Chair
Queen's University

Patrick Thaddeus Jackson | Member
American University

Laura Sjoberg | Member
University of Florida

Amanda Murdie | Member
University of Georgia

Carmela Lutmar | Member
University of Haifa

Cullen Hendrix | Member
Korbel School, University of Denver

Sebastian E. Bitar | Member
Universidad de los Andes

Mark A. Boyer | Ex-Officio
International Studies Association

Brett Ashley Leeds | Ex-Officio
Rice University

T. V. Paul | Ex-Officio
McGill University

Patrick James | Ex-Officio
University of Southern California