Professional Rights and Responsibilities Committee


The mandate of the Professional Rights and Responsibilities Committee is to facilitate and promote the professional conduct of all ISA members. The committee may make recommendations regarding the standards for professional conduct and periodically review the standards for professional conduct. The committee may also be called upon to adjudicate complaints of members under the ISA’s Code of Conduct.

ISA Code of Conduct

About the Committee

The Professional Rights and Responsibilities Committee is a permanent standing committee of ISA. Committee members are appointed by the ISA President and approved by the ISA Governing Council.

Membership and Terms

  • Seven committee members serve three-year, staggered terms, and are drawn from the Governing Council membership at the time of appointment. Each year, the committee will contain one least one past Vice President, one current Vice President, and one Vice-President elect. One of the newly-appointed members must be an ISA Vice-President elect.
  • The committee is chaired by a member who is appointed during their term as a past Vice President, a current Vice President, or a Vice-President elect.
  • Committee member terms officially begin with the start of the ISA Annual Convention meeting of the first year listed and end with the closing of the ISA Governing Council meeting of the final year listed
  • The ISA Executive Director serves as an ex-officio member

Committee Members

Michael J. Bosia | Chair
April 2021 - March 2023
Saint Michael's College of Vermont

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