Professional Development Committee


The Professional Development Committee gives voice to the interests and needs of graduate students and faculty members of ISA by promoting the professionalism and activity of scholars. They develop and provide a forum to assist scholars in expanding their careers inside and outside of academia. They review and evaluate proposals for professional development activities at ISA regional meetings and the Annual Convention. The committee communicates these activities with the broader ISA membership and formally reports to the Governing Council on the activities and committee allocation of funding.

About the Committee

The Professional Development Committee is a permanent standing committee of ISA. Committee members are appointed by the ISA President and approved by the ISA Governing Council.

Membership and Terms

  • Three At-Large committee members serve two-year, staggered terms
  • The At-Large committee member terms officially begin with the start of the ISA Annual Convention meeting of the first year listed and end with the closing of the ISA Governing Council meeting of the final year listed
  • The region presidents are automatically appointed to the committee and their term of service correspond to their term as region president
  • The President, Past-President, President-Elect, Executive Director and Director of Operations of ISA serve as ex-officio members

Professional Development Funding

The Professional Development Committee allocates funds to support professional development activities at our regional conferences. Region conferences can apply to the committee for access to these funds.

Funding Guidelines