Ad Hoc Committee on Siting for the Annual Meeting

This committee is no longer active. The work of the committee ended at our Governing Council meeting held at our 2019 Annual Convention in Toronto. Information is kept and provided here for historical purposes only. If you have any questions on the work of this committee, please contact ISA headquarters.

At the annual meeting of the Governing Council in Baltimore in 2017, the question was raised about the possibility of holding the ISA convention outside North America. The question was raised most forcefully in the context of the “travel ban” then recently proposed by the U.S. Government, which might prevent some ISA members from traveling to the United States to participate in the annual meeting. This concern was – and remains – real. Coupled with increasing non-North American participation in our meetings, this concern prompted a lively and important discussion.

The ad hoc committee was approved at the annual meeting of the ISA Governing Council in 2018, and we were invited to serve on an ad hoc committee in July by Incoming ISA President Patrick James. Our remit was to evaluate and recommend possible alternative models for the annual convention that will help maximize access and perhaps even expand international participation.

About the Committee

Membership and Terms

  • The committee members serve an unlimited term while the committee is on an ad hoc basis

2019 Committee Documents

The 2019 Ad Hoc Committee on Siting for the Annual Meeting Reports can be viewed here:

2019 Executive Summary

2019 Committee Full Report

Committee Members

David A. Lake | Chair
University of California San Diego

George J. Andreopoulos | Member
City University of New York

Soumita Basu | Member
South Asian University

Laura J. Shepherd | Member
University of Sydney

Birol A. Yesilada | Member
Portland State University