ISA Annual Convention 2014, Toronto


Just back from a full week in Toronto for the ISA. While I thanked a number of people at both the Governing Council and the Business Meeting—I know I’ll have left some people out, and that many (most!) of you wouldn’t have been in attendance. The people at ISA HQ in Arizona know how much I appreciate their outstanding work—I rarely miss a chance to tell them. But let me try again for the rest of you. A big-league shout-out to Zaryab Iqbal and Brian Arva (her graduate assistant) for a meeting that ran so flawlessly and especially to Z who’s work was essential for putting together such a successful group of Presidential panels. However, this could not have been done without the work and assistance of all the Section program chairs, all of you who put together and chaired panels, and everyone who participated on those panels! And, while I had the opportunity to see (bump into!) some of you for a personal thanks—I want to express my sincere appreciation to all of you who accepted my invitation to participate on an ISA committee, and who did so with such hard work, diligence, and positive effect. You are what make ISA such a successful organization. Finally, I want to thank all of you for your kind words on my time as ISA President. As I told the Business Meeting, "In many ways, this has been one of the most rewarding years of my career." I’m glad that so many of you thought it was rewarding for ISA as well. Now onto the joys of being Past President.

Harvey Starr, Outgoing ISA President (2013-2014)

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Program Chair

Bryan Arva

Program Assistant
Pennsylvania State University
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