Pay It Forward


Pay It Forward is a mentoring program designed for self-defined ‘early career’ women within the International Studies profession. Established senior women scholars serve as mentors for the early career scholars throughout a one-day workshop, and often beyond it. The workshop covers topics such as professional development, work-life balance, and navigating a gendered field, among others. The purpose of PIF is to create viral networks of successful women and to capitalize on, and extend, women’s current successes, making headway against the gendered nature of the profession.


The PIF workshop takes place on the day prior to the start of the Annual Convention and serves as a site of engagement and reflection among established and early career scholars. While the specific agenda and panel of mentors may differ from year to year, topics addressed typically include publishing, applying and interviewing for jobs, promotion and tenure, navigating a gendered profession, and work-life balance. Throughout the full-day workshop, PIF participants have the opportunity to take part in question and answer sessions, break-out groups, and mentoring and networking opportunities.


Pay It Forward is a limited-attendance special workshop sponsored by ISA's Committee on the Status of Women. It is geared towards women near completion of their Ph.D.’s or early in their faculty careers. Interested participants apply for the workshop by June 20 and the Committee on the Status of Women evaluates these applications, identifying 30 individuals to take part in the workshop. A limited amount of funding is available for PIF participants through the ISA Travel Grant program.

The Committee particularly encourages and will prioritise applicants who are:

  1. Indigenous scholars
  2. From institutions in the Global South
  3. First generation students
  4. Based outside of elite universities


Required ISA Membership: All awardees must be ISA members within two weeks of the convention and must remain current through reimbursement (this is typically a month following event).

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