Off The Beaten Path


Founded in 2018, Off the Beaten (OTBP) path provides a dedicated space for practitioners, policy experts, private sector workers, and independent researchers to connect and present within the wider context of ISA’s annual convention. Off the Beaten path acts as a forum to encourage interdisciplinary exchange and dialogue between various facets of International Studies. In doing so, it highlights various perspectives throughout the International Studies community. OTBP is a flexible program and can accommodate a wide range of participation options and content.

Potential Topics (but feel free to suggest your own!):

  1. Translating academic CVs for non-academic audience
  2. Breaking into the policy world
  3. Writing for a popular audience
  4. Discussing a transition from public to private sector
  5. Accessing library resources as an independent scholar
  6. How to work with/in the government

Looking for some inspiration or interested in past sessions?

  1. 2022: Independent Researchers Beyond the Ivory Tower
  2. 2021: Exploring Job Prospects and Career Paths Beyond the Tenure Track
  3. 2021: Crafting a Professional Narrative Guide to Your Career (2 part workshop)
  4. 2019: Storytelling for Scientists
  5. 2018: Jobs Outside Academia

Proposal Options

Feel free to submit your proposal in any (or all) of the following formats or send a message to Sarah Dorr at with a sentence or two about who you are and what you're interested in discussing.

  1. Paper
  2. Panel
  3. Roundtable
  4. Innovative Format Panel
  5. Other

Note: OTBP are subject to Annual Convention participation limits.


Deadline for Proposals: June 15th

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Contact us at with questions about this program.