"In Other Words" Roundtables

In Other Words is a group of non-English roundtables held at ISA's annual convention that seeks to explore the role of the English language in governing academic practice, by facilitating or impeding communication, and by determining academic proficiency and legitimacy within the field of International Studies. The goals of this program are to achieve (a) greater linguistic inclusiveness that reflects the diversity of International Studies, (b) to consider how collaborative approaches to global problems can be achieved without sacrificing linguistic diversity, and (c) to expand on what effective avenues may be available for communicating and sharing knowledge across regional and linguistic divides.

Proposals in any language are welcome and will be considered. Roundtables are conducted in the presentation language and the audience is given the opportunity to ask questions and comment in both the presentation language and in English.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Proposals must take roundtable form (individual papers are not part of the submission).
  2. IOW Roundtables follow the standard roundtable requirements and must have a title, abstract and research terms/tag words as well as a chair and at least five participants. (Titles need to be less than 50 words and abstracts need to be less than 200 words.)
  3. Please submit proposals in both English and the presentation language.

Please watch this space for the In Other Words call for submissions shortly. We look forward to receiving your proposals and seeing you in-person in Montréal!