ISA Innovative Pedagogy Conference, 2023

March 14th, 2023
Montréal, Québec, Canada

Hosted by ISA-Midwest


More information will be posted as it becomes available.

We’re excited to announce our 2023 program for Montréal!

The 2023 International Studies Association Innovative Pedagogy Conference (ISA-IPC) will be held on Tuesday, March 14th, a day prior to the start of the ISA Annual Convention in Montreal, Québec, Canada. With the success of last year’s IPC we are excited to, yet again, offer a conference that fosters a highly interactive environment to explore new ideas in pedagogy as well as rich opportunities for professional development, networking, and building classroom skills. As in the past, the conference will feature a plenary meeting, a graduate teaching assistant training, a variety of workshops, and an evening reception.

Workshops will be directed by leading voices on pedagogy, assessment, and professional development. Participants will attend four sessions during the day, chosen from a rich menu, to share innovations and ideas about different themes in international studies pedagogy. Among the workshop themes for 2022 are: integrating data analysis in the classroom; running world politics simulations; creating classrooms without borders; adopting popular culture in our classrooms; teaching sensitive subjects; using podcasts as a teaching tool; connecting learning goals, course design, and assessment; and publishing in teaching and learning. These interactive short sessions will provide hands-on experience and materials for ready application, along with opportunities for professional networking and sharing of ideas.

The Graduate Teaching Assistant Training program offers a hands-on learning opportunity for advanced graduate students who are, or soon will be, instructing their own classes at their universities. The program will run in a “cohort module” as participants will meet as a group different times during the day, but also be able to select workshops to attend on their own. One group session, during the lunch hour, will be a mentoring roundtable with experienced faculty available to answer questions and share their advice and experiences.  A certificate of participation will be provided for all attendees. Please note: there is no additional fee to participate in this session, and attendance will be capped at 25 participants. Lunch is included.

Session 1: Teaching Philosophy Statements (group)
Session 2: Workshop of your choice (individual)
Lunch: Mentoring Roundtable (group)
Session 3: Workshop of your choice (individual)
Session 4: Syllabus Design (group)

From the opening plenary session to an evening networking reception with a keynote discussion, participants will share ideas with like-minded colleagues. We look forward to learning new skills, having fruitful discussions, meeting new colleagues, and advancing our pedagogical opportunities!



Amy Below

California State University, East Bay

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