Pandemic Pedagogy: An ISA Innovative Pedagogy Virtual Webinar and Workshop Program



What?  This series, sponsored by the ISA Innovative Pedagogy Conference Initiative, features programs to help ISA member teacher-scholars to leverage digital tools for courses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our workshop will include interactive opportunities for ‘hands-on’ learning and professional networking.

Where?  You have two opportunities to join us: First, an asynchronous webinar has been posted here. Second, please pre-register and join us for a live virtual workshop on Pandemic Pedagogy: Monday, August 3, 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm EDT

Who?  Our webinar and workshop feature presentations by ISA members and award-winning instructors who are committed to helping faculty members adapt to these difficult times. They include:  Eric Leonard (Shenandoah University), Amanda Rosen (Naval War College), Jeannie Grussendorf (Georgia State University), Simon Rofe (SOAS-London), Marcelo Valenca (Escola de Guerra Naval, Brazil), and other special guests.

How?  Please register for our ISA Pandemic Pedagogy Virtual Workshop

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Please Join Us for this ISA Program on Hybrid and Blended Teaching and Learning in these Uncertain Times!

Why Join Us?

Professional Networking on Pedagogy
Preparation for Hybrid and Online Instruction
Learn by Doing! Experience All Facets of Interactive Learning Online
Keep it Active! Tips and Tricks to Help Students Overcome Zoom Fatigue
A Guide to Valuable Materials in the ISA Professional Resources Center
Opportunities for Interaction and Collaborative Problem-Solving 
Information Across Multiple Platforms and Mediums



Monday, August 3, 2020  
12:00p - 12:10p Welcome and Introductions: Jamie Frueh and Jeffrey Lantis
12:15p - 12:30p Base group introductions, experiences, and expectations (small groups, moderated if possible)
12:30p - 12:50p Session I: Strategic Approaches to Online Learning: Eric Leonard & Amanda Rosen
12:50p - 1:05p Base group exercise/discussion
1:05p - 1:25p Strategic Approaches to Blended Learning
1:25p - 2:00p Q&A and large group discussion; base group breakouts
2:00p - 2:10p Introduction to second session: Successful Online Teaching Tactics or Remote is Not Alone: Tactics for Engaging Students Online
2:10p - 3:00p Breakout live workshops on successful online tactics by six experienced instructors; demonstrations and hands-on learning about creative tools
3:00p - 3:20p Base group discussions and question submissions
3:30p - 3:45p Plenary review of insights and new techniques; questions answered

We are thankful for contributions of the International Studies Association leaders and staff, as well as members of the planning committee in development of this exciting new conference. Committee members include:

  • Jeffrey S. Lantis, Chair, The College of Wooster
  • Susan H. Allen, University of Mississippi
  • Victor Asal, SUNY-Albany University
  • Jamie Frueh, Bridgewater College
  • Brian Lai, University of Iowa
  • Cameron G. Thies, Arizona State University
  • Helen Milner, Princeton University
  • Kristian Skrede Gleditsch, University of Essex
  • Mark Boyer, Executive Director of ISA and University of Connecticut

Pandemic Pedagogy: An ISA Innovative Pedagogy Virtual Webinar

This free webinar sponsored by the ISA Innovative Pedagogy Conference Initiative, features programs on interactive learning for hybrid and online courses on International Studies in the COVID-19 era. It features presentations by ISA members and award-winning instructors focused on adapting our teaching and learning strategies in these difficult times.


Program Chairs

Jeffrey S. Lantis
Director, ISA-IPC Initiative
The College of Wooster

Jamie Frueh
Director of Center for Engaged Learning
Bridgewater College