ISSS-IS Gainesville 2022: Call for Proposals

Rethinking Great Power Conflict and Global Security

The deadline for paper/panel submissions is July 22, 2022.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine may mark the start of a new era in terms of political conflict and war. At this early juncture in the war, what lessons might scholars be able to draw about the nature of warfare, diplomacy, international institutions and law, as well as regional and global politics? How might states adapt, if at all, both in terms of strategy and policy to the heightened potential for conflict? What does the regional fight in Europe mean for the balance of threat in Asia? How will states and institutions use economic, diplomatic, and other non-military means to contain conflict in this threatening security environment. How might we think about the second and third order effects of this war on alliance structures, trade flows and grappling with global commons problems, such as pandemics and climate change?

Program Chair

Zachary Selden
University of Florida

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