Workshop Grants Archive




2019 Catalytic Workshops

  • Deterring Atrocities: Identifying the Logic of Credible Prevention (Report PDF)
  • Global Governance Through State Transformation (Report PDF)
  • Letting the State of the Hook: The Role of Non-State Actors in Peace and Justice Provision (Report PDF)
  • Expanding the Study of the Nuclear Taboo: Cross-National and Multi-Dimensional Perspectives (Report PDF)
  • Interlingual Relations: Approaches, Conflicts, and Lessons in the Translation of Global Politics (Report PDF)
  • Re-envisioning International Studies through Indigenous Politics (Report PDF)

2019 Venture Workshops

  • The Internet as a Research Tool: Bridging Politics and Technology in the Study of Internet Shutdowns  (Report PDF)
  • International Organization Dissolution (Report PDF)
  • Academic freedom, IR knowledge and policy advice in the ‘post­ÔÇÉtruth’ era (Report PDF)
  • Digital Technologies in World Politics (Report PDF)
  • Digital Democracy: Global Dimensions (Report PDF)
  • Interrogating the Policy-Relevance of Peace Research: The Difficult Dialogue between Theory and Practice (Report PDF)

2018 Catalytic Workshops

  • Innovations in Comparative Capitalism (Report PDF)
  • Refugees, Forced Migration, and Conflict  (Report PDF)
  • African Order, Global Order: A Scrutiny of Diplomatic Borderlands (Report PDF)
  • Cultural Diversity and International Order (Report PDF)
  • Finding Pathways Through the International Polarization of LGBTIQ Rights (Report PDF)
  • Sustainable Commodity Governance and the Global South (Report PDF)
  • Peacebuilding in Conflict & Post-Conflict States (Report PDF)

2018 Venture Workshops

  • Just and Unjust Norms of Warfare (Report PDF)
  • Gender, Global Health, and Violence: Feminist Perspectives on Peace and Disease  (Report PDF)
  • Modeling Spatial and Network Interdependence in International Relations (Report PDF)
  • Popular Culture Matters! Exploring the Links between Popular Culture and World Politics (Report PDF)
  • Becoming War: Assembling Collective Violence (Report PDF)

2017 Catalytic Workshops

  • Beyond the Boomerang: Evolving Transnational Advocacy (Report PDF)
  • Taking Stock of the Past to Shape the Future of Norm Studies (Report PDF)
  • Ideology and Armed Groups (Report PDF)
  • The Futures of Women, Peace, and Security: New Directions in Research on the Women, Peace and Security Agenda (Report PDF)
  • Measuring the impact of scientific uncertainty on international environmental regimes (Report PDF)
  • Fear, Trauma and Belonging: The Everyday of Ontological Security in International Relations (Report PDF)

2017 Venture Workshops


2016 Venture Workshops

  • Systemic Boundaries (Report PDF)
  • Unpacking the Sending State: Regimes, Institutions and Non-state Actors in Diaspora and Emigration Politics (Report PDF)
  • Polarized Polities (Report PDF)
  • Parsing the Passions: Methodology and Emotion in IR (Report PDF)

2016 Catalytic Workshops

  • Making Identity Count: Quantifying National Identity Discourses (Report PDF)
  • Bridging the Conceptual and Theoretical Divides on Peace and Peacebuilding (Report PDF)
  • Beyond Ruptures and Crises: International Relations and the Long Unwinding Road of the Middle Ages (Report PDF)
  • Europe’s Parallel Foreign Policy: The Ukraine-Russia Crisis (Report PDF)
  • Organizations in Contentious Politics (Report PDF)
  • The Instrumental Uses of Norms in International Relations (Report PDF)
  • Conceptualization, Measurement and Analysis of Female Combatants (Report PDF)
  • Unsteady lives: The dynamics of norm robustness (Report PDF)

2015 Catalytic Workshops

  • The Globalization of International Society (Report PDF)
  • From Anti-Money Laundering to Global Governance (Report PDF)
  • Rethinking Energy Geopolitics (Report PDF)
  • Overlapping Regionalism (Report PDF)
  • The Responsibility to Protect Doctrine at Ten (Report PDF)
  • The Arab Uprisings in Comparative Perspective (Report PDF)

2015 Venture Workshops

  • Foreign Aid and Government Legitimacy (Report PDF)
  • The Political Economy of National Security (Report PDF)
  • Accountability in Global Environmental Governance (Report PDF)
  • Power and Interactions in the Politics of Transnational Public-Private Governance (Report PDF)
  • Conflict Expertise: Competing Knowledges / Heterogenous Experts (Report PDF)
  • The Puzzles and Possibilities of Social Media in/on International Relations (Report PDF)
  • Responsibility in World Politics (Report PDF)

2014 Catalytic Workshops

  • Norm Antipreneurs: Enhancing Understanding of Resistance to Global Normative Change (Report PDF)
  • A New Security Dilemma? Politics and Policy at the energy-Security Nexus (Report PDF)
  • Norm Evolution, Norm Death, or Norm Change: Why do Norms Lose Influence, and how does it Matter? (Report PDF)
  • Objects and Spaces of Humanitarianism (Report PDF)
  • Coalition Politics and Foreign Policy (Report PDF)
  • Prejudgments and Prejudices: Scrutinizing Background Ideas in International Relations (Report PDF)
  • Global Economic Governance and the Development Practices of the ‘Other’ Multilateral Development Banks (Report PDF)

2014 Venture Workshops

  • Transnational Actors in War and Peace (Report PDF)
  • Concept Analysis in International Relations (Report PDF)
  • Global Political Economy of Energy (Report PDF)
  • Philosophy and Inquiry in IR (Report PDF)
  • Rising Powers and Intervention: Contested Norms and Shifts in Global Order (Report PDF)
  • Trials and Tribulations: Two Decades of Transitional Justice Research and Practice (Report PDF)
  • Patient Credit After the Crisis: Are There New Varieties of Capitalism? (Report PDF)
  • Influencing International Relations: Power Politics, Informal Politics, or Both? (Report PDF)

2013 Catalytic Workshops

  • Intelligence Analysis, the Social Sciences and History: Understanding and Explaining International Actors and Outcomes (Report PDF)
  • Bridging the Gap between Role Theory and "Role Practice" in Foreign Policy (Report PDF)
  • Sustainability Transition and Sustainable Peace: Policy Initiatives of Governments and International Organizations (Report PDF)
  • Filming/Film in IR: Visual Methodologies, Aesthetics and Ethics in International Relations (Report PDF)
  • Nuclear Politics: Beyond Positivism (Report PDF)
  • Advances in Gender and Military Studies (Report PDF)
  • War in 1914: Analytic Perspectives on Historical Debates (Report PDF)
  • World Government and Global Politics (Report PDF)
  • Protecting Human Rights: Duties and Responsibilities of States and Non-State Actors (Report PDF)
  • What Makes Legal Norms Distinctive? (Report PDF)

2013 Venture Workshops

  • Hot, Cold and Cool Borderlines in the Americas: Politics of Cooperation and Conflict in Frontiers (Report PDF)
  • Best Practices in the Collection and Presentation of Conflict Data (Report PDF)
  • Leave It In the Ground: Choosing to End the Fossil Fuel Era (Report PDF)
  • Economic Sanctions and Political Processes: Going Beyond "Do They Work?"
  • Interdependence, Networks, and International Governance (Report PDF)
  • Crowdsourcing Africa: New Communications Technologies in Politics and Social Science Research (Report PDF)

2012 Catalytic Workshops

  • Transnational Actors and Conflict Outcomes (Report PDF)
  • Counting What Counts and Telling Stories (Report PDF)
  • The Changing Character of War, the State and the Utility of Force in the 21st Century (Report PDF)
  • People's Power and the Globalisation of Democracy (Report PDF)
  • Doing Critical Methods in International Political Economy
  • International Relationships in the Information Age (Report PDF)
  • Think Globally, Teach Locally? Active Teaching and Learning in Cross-National Perspective (Report PDF)
  • Institutions for Sustainable Peace: Comparing Institutional Configurations for Divided Societies (Report PDF)

2012 Venture Workshops

  • The New Power Politics: Networks, Governance and Global Security (Report PDF)
  • The Repertoire of Tactics (Report PDF)
  • Capitalism and Climate Change: Producing and Using Technologies to Save the Planet (Report PDF)
  • Legacies of Empire (Report PDF)
  • NGO's by the Numbers: Innovations in Data Collection and Methods of Analysis (Report PDF)

2011 Catalytic Workshops

2011 Venture Workshops

  • Global Environmental Politics On A New Earth (Report PDF)
  • Memory, Trauma & Change in World Politics (Report PDF)
  • Normative Institutionalization-Implementation Gap
  • The International Relations Discipline
  • Unexpected Outcomes Across the Pacific Rim
  • Unpacking the R2P Toolbox

2010 Workshops

  • Integrating Foreign Policy Analysis and International Relations Through Role Theory (Report PDF)
  • Conflict Resolution in Divided Societies: Theory and Practice (Report PDF)
  • Designing Online Strategic Games and Microworld Simulations (Report PDF)
  • Integrating Research on Domestic and Foreign Policy Opinions (Report PDF)
  • Workshop on Water and Security (Report PDF)

2009 Workshops

2008 Venture Workshops

2008 Catalytic Workshops