Innovative Panel Archive

Virtual ISA 2021

  • Cybersecurity Advice for Academics
  • Theaters of Command: Film documentary screening and discussion

Toronto 2019

  • Crisis Dynamics and Cyber Statecraft: Simulating Cross National Perspectives
  • A Global Index on Academic Freedom: Why? How? And Can it Improve Universities?
  • Rebel Governance Data Hackathon
  • Knowing International Politics Sensorily, Materially and Spatially
  • An Image (Picture), A Thousand Words?: Teaching International Studies Through Pictures, Maps And Drawings
  • Town Hall Meeting for Academics Looking for Our “Other” Voices
  • Politics of Toys in Conflict and Conflict Spheres

San Francisco 2018

  • Environmental Studies Speed Mentoring
  • Ethical IR in Theory and Practice
  • Feminist Theory and Gender Studies Town Hall
  • Food Sovereignty in the Horn of Africa: Who Gets to Eat? 5th Annual Fred Friendly Seminar in International Affairs
  • When Power and Rules Are Not Enough, Syria and the Intervener's Dilemma.
  • CryptoParty: Encryption for Academics
  • Methods Café: Foreign Policy Analysis - Methods and Approaches
  • IO Editorial Cafe

Baltimore 2017

  • The Syrian Civil War and the Spread of Terror: Simulation Plan and Practice
  • The syrian Civil War and the Spread of Terror: Simulaion Assessment and Research
  • Scholar-Activists as Change-Makers: A town-hall meeting on using research for justice
  • FTGS Town Hall
  • Online Media Caucus - Live Tweets for (Political) Science
  • Case Studies: Cases for Forgiveness, Change, and Social Justice

Atlanta 2016

  • Water Security: 3rd Annual Fred Friendly Seminar in International Affairs & Foreign Policy
  • Measuring and Method as Gendered Meaning-Making in Peace and Conflict
  • Leaving Utopia: The tyranny of the Urgent, Complex Humanitarian Emergencies of humanitarian logistics
  • Winding Down? Revving Up? Strategizing for Late Career Moves
  • External Influences on Democratization: Engaging Academics and Practitioners
  • Outreach for Peace: Cross-national On-Line Collaborations for Teaching, Research & Training
  • The Online Media Revolution in Political Science
  • BRICS: A Political Gesture or the Real Deal?

New Orleans 2015

  • Using Digital and Social Media in the Classroom and Beyond to Represent and Question Science
  • Russia, Ukraine and the West: Negotiating a Truce
  • Embodying the Aesthetic Turn: Screening and Discussion of 'Hard Corn' (a post-Soviet, Zizekian, feminist political satire)
  • Energy Security: Environmental Security & Foreign Policy Scenario
  • Lost in translation? Practicing IR theory beyond English
  • After Deepwater Horizon: Rebuilding Indigenous Communities After the BP Gulf Oil Disaster
  • Foreign Military Interventions as Tools of Foreign Policy
  • Art as Subject, Art as Method

Toronto 2014

  • Visualizing Dynamics of Stakeholder Development with Spatial Representation
  • Reverse Pedagogy as a New Approach to Understanding International Relations
  • The UN Security Council Meets Global Pandemic: How Global Governance Would Deal with Zombies
  • Lessons from #IdleNoMore: Rethinking Indigeneity, Decolonizing Feminisms
  • Infectious Disease, Security, and the Downside to Globalization: A Fred Friendly Seminar
  • Coloring the International: Colors, Visuality and International Relations
  • Economic Statecraft in an Era of Globalization
  • Advancing FPA: Learning from the Global South
  • Advancing the Learning Environment in the Digital Age

San Francisco 2013

  • Field Experiments in IR: Identifying Behavioral Outcomes
  • Why Theories of International Relations Need Theories of Foreign Policy
  • Surviving the Politics of Academe
  • Gendering and Decolonizing IR: Bridging the divide between FTGS and GDS
  • Mapping and Interrogating the Theoretical Universe of IR
  • Practices & Projects in the Anarchical Society
  • Critical Security Studies Methods Café
  • Extreme Pedagogy: Approaches to Experiential Learning

San Diego 2012

  • Civil Society & Information Access: Navigating Political Spaces in the Global South
  • Writing Op Eds ‐ Is It Worth It?
  • Debate: The Role of Constructivism in Foreign Policy Analysis
  • Real‐Time Innovations in Collaborative Teaching and Learning: A Demonstration Space for Enhanced Pedagogy
  • Practices and Alternatives in the Peer Review Process
  • Visuality and International Relations: Using Audiovisual Research Methods to Investigate the Role of Images in IR
  • From Virtual To Real: Simulating Conflict Dynamics In A Global Information Age

Montreal 2011

  • Spiritual Power and Political Science: Exploring New Directions in Analysis of Leadership
  • Meeting of the Minds: Expanding Foreign Policy Analysis Scholarship
  • The Long Transition: A Moderated Conversation on Pathways to a Sustainable World
  • Urban Legends of Intervention: Narratives about  ‘Locals’ and ‘International Peacebuilders’
  • AlterGlobalizations Caucus
  • Feminist Theory and Gender Studies "Mentoring Matters"
  • What Lies Ahead?: Debating the Prospects for a ‘Post-American World’
  • Reset Déjà Vu: East and West Look toward an Uncertain Future

New Orleans 2010

  • Web-Based Tools for Experiments and Simulations for Foreign Policy Analysis
  • Delivering International Studies Online: How to Create an Effective Online Learning Environment
  • Screening and Discussion of "Poto Mitan: Haitian Women, Pillars of the Global Economy"
  • Selling Security, Sanitizing Violence: Promotional Videos of the Military-Industrial Complex and Myths of Contemporary Warfare
  • Moot Court: A Case of Crime against Humanity at the International Criminal Court
  • Feminist Theory and Gender Studies "Mentoring Matters"
  • Foreign Policy Town Hall: What is Foreign Policy Analysis?
  • Painting a Voice: Creating a Culture of Peace through Symbolism, Art and the Olympic Ideal

New York 2009

  • Mentoring Matters: Feminist Theory and Gender Studies
  • AlterGlobalizations Caucus Meeting
  • The Climate is Changing: Simulating Climate Change Negotiations in the Classroom
  • ICC Moot Court Simulation: Prosecuting a Junta for Allegedly Preventing a UN Security Council Humanitarian Aid Mission
  • Crisis Management Exercise: Iran
  • Understanding Multistakeholder Participation in the Global Governance of Information and Communication Policy
  • Cartooning for Peace and Health
  • ‘I Am An American’: Video Portraits of Unsafe US Citizens
  • Research Roundtable as Pedagogy: Front‐loading Research Process Instruction
  • Collaging International Relations 2
  • Open Forum for Faculty and Practitioners: What are the New and Unmet Needs, in Training the Next Generation of International Civil Servants, Policy‐makers, and NGO Practitioners?

San Francisco 2008

  • Creative Approaches to the Teaching of Language: Continuing our Conversation
  • Histories of Collaboration: Making Collaborative History
  • Innovative Technologies and International Education
  • Global Multi-stakeholder Governance for the Information Society: Quo Vadis - Post WSIS
  • IOs as Organizations: Empirical Lessons from Organizational Theory & International Organizations
  • Alternative Globalizations Assemblage
  • Who’s in Charge Here: The Internet Governance Problem?
  • Mock Trial I: Appellate Hearing on Prosecution of the Attorney General & Defense Secretary for Torture at the International Criminal Court
  • Mock Trial II: On the Responsibility of States to Take Action to Stop Genocide at the International Court of Justice
  • Mock Trial III: On the Right of Suspected Unlawful Combatants without Filing Criminal Charges before Domestic & International Courts
  • Teaching International Law: Perennial Issues (Part I)
  • Democratic Processes and Feminist Theory & Gender Studies in the ISA Teaching International Law: New Challenges & Opportunities (Part II)
  • Collaging International Relations: An Arts Experience
  • Rethinking Iraq Forum
  • Everything you Ever Wanted to Know about IR (But were Afraid to Ask)
  • Emerging Economies and the Global Drive for Knowledge Societies
  • Frivolous Entertainment or Potent Political Tool? The Role of Cartoons and Graphic Novels in a Global Age
  • Pedagogy Playground: An Interactive Session on Teaching

About Innovative Panels

Innovative panels take place at the ISA Annual Convention and give participants an opportunity to expand beyond the traditional format of our conference panels. Such panels may involve the use of new technologies or new organizational forms to share information and experience.

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